“If body safe is what you want,
you don’t have to spend over
$20 to get it.”

–Tom Nardone,
President of 

Welcome to BodySafeVibrators.com! 

I began building this site a few months ago to help my friends and I understand why all of our favorite online vibrator shops were urging us to purchase body safe vibrators when they’re so expensive. After only a short time researching, I began to suspect that we had only gotten half the story about what it means to be body safe. BodySafeVibrators.com is the result of my research, and the revelation of a scam in the adult novelty industry. Read on…

On this website, I extrapolate product details of body safe vibrators as well as potentially harmful products, just to make sure we’re all on the same page. I even made an infographic with helpful tips for the next time you are shopping online for a vibrator and aren’t sure what’s what.

I’d like to thank Tom Nardone, president of Vibrators.com, who was kind enough to talk to me on the phone about this issue, and even mailed me one of his old phthalate-ridden vibrators so I could compare it to my personal body safe vibrators (it was really gross). Thanks, Tom! 

I hope that you find this enlightening, and please–share this information with your friends!